• Brand Consulting

    High Level Brand Consulting. We Take You From Concept To Strategy To Execution.

  • Music Production

    Professional Music Production. Access To High End Studios & Gear. EPs, Albums, Singles, Songwriting / CoWriting.

  • Videos

    Cutting Edge Videos, In-Studio Videos, EPKs, Live Music Videos, Animation. We can do it all.

  • Photography

    Capturing The Soul and Vibe Of Your Music With Our High End Professional Photography Network.

  • Design

    Unique And Tailored Design For Websites, Album Art & Merchandise

  • Booking

    Booking Support At Every Tier Of Venue In NYC. Music Festivals And Special Event Opportunities.

  • Management

    We provide effective personal management and big picture project management services here at The Outlet. Having a go to resource for information, direction, strategy and support is critical in artist development. Having someone in your corner who always has their eye on not only the immediate needs of your project, but the long term development makes all the difference.

  • Coaching

    One essential tool we provide is an advanced coaching service that can break you through ruts that all artists and bands go through. This service behind artist development will quickly move you forward and have you become highly effective.

A Team. A Home. A Vision.

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