What We Do

We are offer amazing PR services through our partners at Effective Immediately PR. Please visit them here for more information: www.ei-pr.com

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We provide effective personal management and big picture project management services here at The Outlet. Having a go to resource for information, direction, strategy and support is critical in artist development. Having someone in your corner who always has their eye on not only the immediate needs of your project, but the long term development makes all the difference.

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Quick, customized and easy to update web design for independent artists. We also provide design services for download cards, posters and digital event flyers.

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We provide booking support at every tier of venue in NYC. We can support you in setting up tour routes and how to make the most of your live shows. We book for select music Festivals and exclusive special event opportunities.

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We provide advanced coaching services that can break you through the ruts that all artists and bands go through. This is one of essentially tools we offer for artist development that will very quickly move you forward and have you become highly effective.

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Brand Consulting

We develop high level branding initiatives to bring your project to a cohesive and integrated place.  We streamline your assets across all platforms to build a solid foundation for your content.

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Music Production

We offer professional music production for all levels of artists & bands. We have access to and use world class recording facilities for our productions. We specialize in Singer-Songwriter, Indie Rock, Rock, Pop, Folk and Alternative genres. We offer development for  EPs, Albums, Singles, Songwriting / CoWriting.  

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Video Production

We produce and develop high quality cutting edge video content, In-Studio videos, EPKs, live performance videos, animated videos….We can do it all at any budget.

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Professional visual content is essential for everything from building beautiful website assets to amazing photos for press placements. Our deep photographer network allows us to do any kind of shoot that you need.

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